Textile Screen Printing Equipment

Textile Screen Printing Equipment

Any custom-printed t-shirt you see has been through some sort of textile screen printing equipment. Textile screen printing equipment is used to emblazon unique artwork and catchy slogans on clothing of all kinds. T-shirts aren't the only part of your wardrobe that can boast a bit of custom printing. Hats, jackets, shorts, and even socks can all take custom printing from textile screen printing equipment.

If you're starting a screen printing business, you'll need the best textile printing equipment on the market. You can get that here at Printa Systems. Years of research and input from hundreds of customers across the country lead us to create the 770 series of textile screen printers. These printers have all the features a small business owner could need. They are simple to operate, compact enough to fit in most rooms of your house, and come with lifetime warranties.

Use Our Textile Screen Printing Equipment

The 770 series has three different packages. Whether you're beginning a part-time operation or are an experienced full-timer, you'll find the right equipment for you at Printa Systems. Specifications for each model can be found on our website. However, each package comes standard with a training video, drying cabinet, and four-color printing capability. You can upgrade to a six-color capability if you wish.

You can pay for your equipment with any major credit card, or you may opt to lease it through Paramount Financing. If you ever have technical questions or need support, we're here to assist you. For those who want to learn from the experts, we offer training classes at our Kirkland, Washington office several times a month