Textile Printing Machines

Textile Printing Machines

Textile printing machines are used to put custom designs and lettering on clothing. Also known as screen printers, textile printing machines are a must-have for anyone considering self-employment in the specialty printing business. While textiles aren't the only venue for specialty printing, they certainly comprise the bulk of your potential business.

Pad printers and sublimation printers are used to put designs on hard or oddly shaped objects. Writing instruments, magnets, and mugs are common surfaces for print work from these machines. Small business owners frequently request pad and sublimation printing services to create promotional items to give away to potential customers. While you'll likely get a steady flow of business customers in your custom printing business, you'll almost certainly find that textile printing is your most popular service.

Use Textile Printing Machines to Your Best Advantage in Business

Here at Printa Systems, we carry the patented 770 series of textile printing equipment. We've created this series with the unique needs of small printing businesses in mind. All three of the systems in the 770 series are user friendly, simple to master, and come with unlimited technical support when you need it. Choose from the standard, deluxe, or deluxe plus models, depending on your particular needs. Each model has a four-color print capability that can be upgraded to six colors at your request.

The models also come with drying cabinets and curing units built in. The advanced models can do numerical printing for athletic jerseys and jackets. Browse the specifications of the 770 series models here on our website, or request a catalogue by filling out our online form.