T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine

T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine and T-Shirt Printing Equipment for Your T-Shirt Printing Business

The t-shirt printing business is alive, blooming and booming. Take a look around the next time you are out and about and you will see a wide variety of custom printed t shirts decking the apparel landscape. Is there anything more American than a colorful and decorated t-shirt, sweatshirt or sports jersey? A simple walk through your local mall will answer that question.

So how can you cash in on the huge trend in the t-shirt printing business industry and turn it into a lucrative stand alone business or add it to your existing printing business?

If you run a home-based printing business, a 770 series t-shirt screen printing machine from Printa Systems may be just what you need. Our 770 series of t-shirt screen printing equipment is specifically designed for the small business owner. These machines have all the built-in features you need to produce high-caliber printing in a compact space or home-based environment with professional results.

For the majority of small custom printing businesses, t-shirt orders make up the majority of the company's revenue. Custom-printed t-shirts are excellent, inexpensive promotional and incentive items. As such, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools are in almost constant need of t-shirt printing services. If you haven't added t-shirt printing to your business yet, you're missing out on a potentially large source of profits.

Get Up and Running With a 770 Series T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine

All of our 770 series screen printing machines come with four-color printing capabilities or, for more graphic capability, are available in a six color configuration. Built-in drying cabinets and onboard curing units come standard. The deluxe and deluxe plus models come with athletic numbering capabilities and flash cure stands. When you purchase any of our 770 series machines, you get lifetime customer support, a training video, and the opportunity to come to our corporate offices for hands-on training in the use of the equipment.

Here at Printa Systems, we've made screen printing easy. Even if you've never used this type of equipment before, you'll find that the 770 series t-shirt printing machines are almost effortless to use. Put a 770 series shirt printing machine to work for you today and add custom t-shirt printing to your company's offerings. When you are looking for t-shirt printers nothing matches the ease of use of the Printa 770 series.

Thinking of Starting Your Own T-Shirt Printing Business?

We have helped thousands start their own t-shirt printing business with our Printa Systems 770 t-shirt screen printer.

Are you ready to be your own boss? Ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and your creativity in your own t-shirt printing endeavor? With Printa you can, easily and affordably. You can tap into this huge portion of the promotional product market and tap into a never ending supply of customers demanding your services. 

Who orders custom printed t-shirts? Take a look:

  • Schools
  • Sports Teams
  • Churches
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Banks
  • Small Businesses
  • Political Groups
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Restaurants and Bars 

And that is just a partial list. With a little thought, you could add car dealerships, automotive and racing clubs, Real Estate Firms, and the list goes on and on. The "t-shirt economy" continues to grow and become more popular all the time and this means opportunity for you. The screen printed t-shirt opportunity can mean a full time income for you or a perfect business for the retired or semi-retired person seeking to add to their income stream.

How Much Can I Earn With My Own T-Shirt Printing Business? 

Like any business, you get out what you put into it. But let's break down what you might earn on a typical t-shirt printing job, and you can extrapolate from there.

An average t-shirt order of 100 basic white t- shirts with a 3 color logo on it will typically sell for around $6 each at a 50% gross profit margin.

Breaking this down, you are profiting $171 in the mark up of the blank shirt and $255 for the print charge for a total profit of $426!

You will also charge around $100 for an industry standard set up fee, which more than covers your cost of materials. A 100 shirt order usually takes around 2 hours to complete.

When all is said and done, you make about $213 an hour for this one job - or a profit of $426 for 2 hours work on a 100 shirt order!

So how many 100 shirt orders, or 1,000 shirt orders can you book into your business?

To check the demand, just walk down any street and look at all the different printed and logo t-shirts you see strolling past you. 

T-Shirts are an "evergreen" product, meaning they will be and always are in high demand. You just need to capture your share of the market in your community.

The key, as with any business, is finding clients. But clients aren't that difficult to find. Just think about it for a minute. Who do you know in your community? Have kids in school or on sports teams? Soccer, Little League, Grid Kids, etc., all need t-shirts or some type of uniform printing done - you are not limited to printing just t-shirts, but can print sports jerseys, uniforms, sweatshirts, etc. With a little thought and creative imagination I bet you could come up with a list of dozens or even hundreds of potential clients. Then it is just a matter of asking for their business.

You only need one school and the many events they may sponsor during the year to enjoy a very decent part time income, and it's not a big leap from there to be enjoying full time income from your home owning your own t-shirt printing business.

Start Your Own T-Shirt Printing Business For As Little As $254 Per Month with our Lease-To-Own Program

That's right! You can start your own business for as little as $254 per month. Where else can you open the doors to a new business and the equipment you need for such a small monthly commitment?
One 2 hour job a month pays your monthly equipment expense - after that you are making profit!
With our lease-to-own programs, we can approve start-up businesses and even have special programs for less-than-perfect credit.
For example, you can lease the 770 Series Standard T-Shirt Printing System (4 color) with Artwork Solutions Package & shipping ($5995 + $1195 + $350 = $7540) for $254.85 a month for 48 months.

The terms are 45+3 (aka 48 month), with typically 2 advance payments, and the final payment buys out the lease (lease-to-own). No Residual to pay at end of lease and after your final payment you own the equipment!

Call 1-800-601-6240. One of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through the application process and your options.

Quick Approvals - you will have an answer within 24 hours!

By using someone else’s money, you free up your working capital so our lease-to-own program is a great way to get started in your own screen printing business.

Is The Creative Force Within You Strong?

Another option is designing and selling your own t-shirt creations. If you have an eye for color, are creative in the design department and clever with words, you can easily print your own inventory and set up a website to sell your t-shirt creations online. Think of all the very creative and clever t-shirts you see out and about - you could be the next big hit in the t-shirt market.

How Much Space Do I Need To Operate My T-Shirt Printing Business?

Not much! You can easily set up our equipment in your garage or a spare room. Actual space required is about 12x14 feet. No need to rent expensive space, just set up your new t-shirt printing business in your home and you're up and running. With our 770 t-shirt screen printer, you can be set up quickly and easily and off to the races.

With Printa as Your "Partner" You Can't Go Wrong

As one of the leading manufacturers of t-shirt screen printers in the nation, we provide you with all the support you need. Just check out everything included when you purchase your t-shirt printing machine and t-shirt screen printing supplies through Printa:

1. Our systems include everything you need to shorten your learning curve and get you started in the fun and profitable custom t-shirt and promotional product business.

2. Support for a lifetime! Not only do you receive hands on training at our factory headquarters, you’ll have lifetime toll free and online technical support.

3. Because our systems are so compact and efficient you can operate your new business from home or add to your existing business without taking up a lot of space.

4. You can run a green business printing t-shirts! With the 770 Series Screen Printing System you don’t need a dark room and all our inks and supplies are environmentally friendly.

5. You get a great return on investment. With our affordable systems and the great margins you get in selling your finished products, it’s one of the lowest overhead, highest profit businesses available.

6. You’re buying direct from the manufacturer. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, in stock and ready to ship to you!

7. You get not only world class equipment, but also a trusted partner. We’ve been providing the best start up solutions for over two decades and we take great care and pride in your success!

Printa provides you the complete t-shirt screen printing solution for your new t-shirt printing business.

Contact us today for your free video and catalog, or call 1-800-601-6240 for quick answers to your questions.