Startup Costs Of Screen Printing

Startup Costs Of Screen Printing

You don't have to break the bank coming up with the startup costs of screen printing. This may surprise you. After all, screen printing equipment has traditionally been expensive. The machines are typically large and require special training to learn how to use. Customer support from most printing machine suppliers is either minimal or completely non-existent.

With Printa Systems, we think this is a travesty. That's why our screen printing equipment is low in cost. This makes it more accessible to the average small business owner. Anyone looking to startup a screen printing business can come to us to find superior equipment at reasonable prices. We accept all major credit cards for your purchase. You may also qualify for a lease program through one of the many leasing companies that we use, such as Paramount Finance.

Understand the Startup Costs of Screen Printing Before You Go into Business

You can save on startup costs even more by running your business out of you house. Home-based screen printing businesses can be just as profitable as those that are run out of storefronts. Rather than spend even more money on expensive training classes and business seminars to help you learn to use the printing machines, you can come to our Kirkland, Washington headquarters for hands-on training by industry professionals. We even provide you with lifetime customer support at no additional charge.

You can start your own screen printing business for far less money than you might expect. At Printa Systems, we can show you how. Let us start you out on the road to self-employment by helping you save on startup costs for your printing business.