Small Home Based Business Ideas

Small Home Based Business Ideas

Printing ventures are smart home-based business ideas. If you haven't considered starting a printing business, you should. Small, independent printing businesses now account for more than half of the revenue generated by an $18 billion a year industry.

You may think that a printing business is too large to run from your home. That's not the case if you're using equipment in the 770 series from Printa Systems. Our screen, pad, and sublimation printing machines are designed to take up as little space as possible. In fact, you can set up a full-service printing business from your dining room, spare bedroom, or garage and still have space left over.

Small Home-Based Business Ideas for Everyone

Small printing businesses are perfect for anyone who's full of creative ideas. You'll put unique, memorable graphics and slogans on all sorts of items. You may find yourself working with a local real estate agent, a host of civic groups, or even the local high school drama department. Any organization that needs promotional items, uniforms, or unique prizes for raffles will desire your services. Since you live in the same community as your customers, you'll be the logical, convenient choice.

If printing is your idea of the perfect small home-based business, look no further than Printa Systems for all of your equipment needs. We carry a full range of top-quality machines for custom printing of all kinds. Every machine comes with a lifetime warranty and unlimited customer support. You can even come to our headquarters based in Kirkland, Washington for training, if you wish. To get started today simply call us or request our free information.