Small Business Packages

Small Business Packages

There's no shortage of small business packages in the world. Corporate America is eager to sell you on the next big idea. Today's top-level executives know that the average citizen is dissatisfied with working conditions and wages. People want to strike out on their own. Established companies are offering small business package opportunities to would-be entrepreneurs in order to continue making money off workers after they leave the corporate world.

Many of these small business packages are designed to keep you tied to the company that created them. You may have to follow certain corporate rules, such as with franchises. You may also be required to give up a percentage of your profits to the parent company, or constantly order a certain amount of new supplies from company headquarters. This isn't really working for yourself at all.

Find Genuine Freedom with Our Small Business Packages

At Printa Systems, we believe breaking away from corporate America should mean real freedom. That's why we've created our Marketing Solution Package for small businesses. 

In our Marketing Solution Package, you'll find:

* Website templates and Hosting
* Business card and brochure templates
* Clip art
* Professional letterhead
* Educational materials for getting the most out of your small business package

You also get unlimited customer support and a lifetime warranty when you order our screen printing equipment. Since we want you to be successful, we also provide hands-on training classes at our corporate headquarters in Washington State. When you take advantage of our Marketing Solution Package, there are no rules to follow but your own. Let us show you what working for yourself really means. Give us a call or request your free consultation today!