Silk Screen Printing Equipment

Silk Screen Printing Equipment

Silk screen printing equipment, along with supplies, are necessities when starting a silk screen printing business. Manufacturers in the silk screen industry offer the different silk screen printing equipment you will need but sometimes the prices are prohibitive and the quality of the equipment is low. At Printa Systems, we manufacture and supply high-quality silk screen printing machinery to our customers.

When you are ready to purchase your silk screen printing equipment, you can choose from our 770 series. The series consists of the 770 standard, 770 deluxe and the 770 deluxe plus. The basic features for these systems, unique in the industry, are the onboard drying cabinet, onboard exposure unit and the pin registration system.

Use Your Silk Screen Printing Equipment for Popular Products

Use the systems in the 770 series to print on popular items like sweats, tote bags, caps and t-shirts. We provide hands-on training workshops in which you can practice producing these items and learn how to create graphics according to current business practices. These training sessions are held twice a month and you can sign up for them online.

We offer other equipment that you may need when you are ready to expand your silk screen business and these equipment include pad printing systems, dye sublimation systems and dryers. Members of our support staff are highly skilled in operations of the screen printing industry and can answer questions you may have about silk screen printing equipment. You can reach our support staff by phone or email.