Silk Screen Business

Silk Screen Business

Starting a silk screen business requires that you have some experience with the process before you begin to take orders from clients. At Printa Systems, we offer training sessions that are designed to show you how to operate your system and create silk screened items.

Without automated equipment, the silk screen process can be lengthy and will involve:

Drawing a design on paper
Transferring your design--for example, a business logo--or picture to a screen
Placing the cured screen on the item that will accept the design
Forcing ink through the screen around the negative areas
Drying your screen printed item

Automate Your Silk Screen Business with Silk Screen Systems from Printa Systems

If you are following the process above manually, you would have to wait until your first item is dry before you can start the process again with the next piece. This becomes a time consuming project if you have a batch of orders to fulfill. Screen printing machines, such as those in our 770 series, help to simplify and speed the screen printing process with onboard exposure units, onboard drying cabinets and pin registration systems.

In spite of the sometimes lengthy process of the method itself, the learning curve when starting a screen printing business is not steep. One way to find out what the true nature of the business is by talking to business owners or other professionals in the silk screen industry. Call our sales team members who can answer questions you may have about your silk screen equipment which will give you some insight into the business.