Self Employment Opportunities

Self Employment Opportunities

Promotional products like tote bags, t-shirts and caps are popular, which makes the promotional printing industry a good source of self employment opportunities. There are several ways to be self employed in this industry, but the two most popular self employment opportunities are accepting orders from individuals and corporations and printing your designs on purchased products to resell. For both methods, you can purchase the appropriate printing equipment from Printa Systems.

Corporations use imprinted products as gifts to customers and employees to promote business, while individuals use them more for events like birthday parties. You can accept orders to print logos on such items as mugs and t-shirts. On the other hand, you can purchase items like t-shirts and caps, print the logos of the local sports teams and sell them at the corresponding sporting events.

Use Screen Printing Equipment to Create Self Employment Opportunities

With the right printing equipment, you can create your own self employment opportunities in the promotional products industry. Use the 770 series screen printing systems, including the standard, deluxe or deluxe plus models, to print items like t-shirts, jackets and baseball caps. Use heat presses, like the digital swing-away press, digital mug press and the digital hat press, to print small orders quickly.

Discover a wealth of self employment opportunities and select the equipment and supplies you need here on our site. Our printing systems are covered by lifetime warranties that ensure that parts will be replaced for the lifetime of the equipment, or for as long as the equipment remains with you, the original owner. Contact us now for more information.