Self Employed Business

Self Employed Business

Every year, about eight percent of the work force decide they would like to run self employed businesses and leave in search of them. This happens for several reasons, the most important of which is the desire to be one's own boss.

There are a few things to consider before you take the leap into self-employment:

Make a decision about whether you are ready to be self employed in a business of your own.
Choose a business that has enough of an appeal to you. If it doesn't, you will lose interest quickly.
Choose the right business. You may choose a franchise or buy an existing business if you want a business that has been established.

Make sure you have enough capital. This will involve securing financing and some options include: money from your savings account, loans and contributions from friends and family, or a loan from a bank.
Printa Systems Offers an Opportunity for You to Own a Self Employed Business

Are you interested in screen printing?

If you answered "yes" and you are ready to be self employed, then Printa Systems has a business opportunity for you. With our equipment, training and Marketing Solution Package, you can start your screen printing business quickly.

In addition to learning about graphics, equipment setup and use, you will receive hands-on training in how to run a screen printing business at one of our sessions. You will receive support from our technical team whenever you need help, and our Marketing Solution Package will help you attract and retain customers. Call us now for more information on this self employed business opportunity.