Screen Printing Techniques

Screen Printing Techniques

Screen printing techniques can be used on a variety of products like t-shirts, hats, CD covers and glass. There two screen printing techniques that screen printing artists commonly use: manual and automated. You will find our 770 series screen printing systems are a fast way to create screen printed items.

Common to both screen printing techniques are the squeegee, screen and ink, which are used in the same way. Basically, a design is applied onto the mesh screen and then the squeegee forces the ink out through the screen onto the material. The method is lengthy when using the manual screen printing technique, but the introduction of machines has helped to hasten the process.

Apply Screen Printing Techniques With the 770 Series Screen Printing System

Machines help to automate this lengthy process and make it faster. Able to create between 40 and 120 prints per hour, the 770 series screen printing systems reduce the length of time it takes to screen print items using the manual printing technique. The standard, deluxe and deluxe plus systems have onboard features like exposure units, four-color screens, four-color workstations and pin registrations that make the screen process easier.

Additional equipment included in the advanced 770 series, the deluxe and deluxe plus, include a flash dryer, a back-lit washout sink, conveyor dryer, athletic numbering system and jacket hold down. If you would like more information on the 770 series from Printa Systems, call to request a video or a catalog or fill out our contact information form online.