Screen Printing Suppliers

Screen Printing Suppliers

When starting a screen printing business, you may be unsure about the type of screen printing supplies you need. The most important screen printing supplies include the screen, the squeegee and the ink, but you will need other supplies as well if you use a screen printing machine. Printa Systems carries all types of screen printing products at our online store, from screen printing systems to cleaning liquids.

Supplies will also include emulsifiers to remove remnants of ink from the screen. At the end of a project, after washing your screen, you may find that some of the ink remains stuck to the screen and will not come off easily. Emulsifiers will remove the stubborn ink, but since it is strong enough to destroy your screen, you should use it in very small amounts.

Select Your Screen Printing Supplies from Our Online Store

You will need screen printing supplies in order to create products of professional quality. Browse our online store to make your selection from the list of screen printing supplies. If you need help, our customer service representatives can also help you select the supplies you need for your business.

At our free hands-on training sessions, in addition to other topics, skilled instructors talk about the systems, supplies and accessories needed for a screen printing business to operate smoothly. They will also discuss methods of cleaning your equipment after completing a project, information that will be very useful to a new member of the screen printing industry. Call now to register for a training session.