Screen Printing Start Up Kits

Screen Printing Start Up Kits

Screen printing start up kits usually contain the basic supplies you will need for your first job, like ink. Printa Systems includes screen printing start up kits with every screen printing systems we sell. If you are new to the screen printing business, consider practicing with your start up kit before you start taking orders.

The screen printing process can be lengthy, depending on the method you choose to use, and it requires precision if you want to produce professional work. 

The factors which will determine the quality of your work include:

  • The material used for the squeegee.
  • The speed at which the squeegee is drawn over the screen.
  • The precision of the design.
  • The size of the holes in the mesh.
  • The quality of your ink. 

Our screen printing start up kits contain quality products.

The 770 Series Screen Printing Start up Kits Will Help You Get Started Quickly

Get a jump start on your screen printing business with the start up kits included with our 770 series printers. If you are new to the business, you will appreciate the opportunity to learn screen printing skills with the start up kits. You can also take a training session at our offices in Kirkland, Washington. These sessions are free and held twice a month.

When you are ready to begin taking printing orders from prospective clients, we can help you find them with the marketing solutions package. This package contains everything you need to look professional and gain confidence from customers. For more information, fill out the contact form on the website and we will contact you within 48 hours.