Screen Printing Presses

Screen Printing Presses

Screen printing presses are becoming more popular due to the short amount of time it takes to prepare the machine and the short production time. There are different kinds of screen printing presses and these small machines can imprint a large variety of small or flat items, from hats to mugs. Printa Systems manufactures a Digital Swing-Away Press, a Digital Mug Press and a Digital Hat Press.

The process of printing with a screen printing press is also called dye sublimation or heat transfer, which involves heating a dye to its gaseous form, and then adhering the ink to a surface. The Digital Swing-Away Press uses this process on items with relatively flat surfaces. The Digital Mug Press can apply designs on mugs up to five inches tall with irregular surfaces, and the Digital Hat Press can imprint a variety of hats and caps.

Screen Printing Presses from Printa Systems are Portable

Printa Systems's screen printing presses are compact enough to be used in small spaces. Although these screen printing presses are made of cast aluminum, they are lightweight and portable. They also feature digital controls that will help you time the production process accurately and adjust the temperature to the right setting for your project.

If you are interested in starting a small printing business using screen printing presses, you can take a training class to learn how. Our equipment, training, support and Marketing Solution Package provide the opportunity to start a successful business in the screen printing industry. Contact us now for more information.