Screen Printing Materials

Screen Printing Materials

Artists in the screen printing business need screen printing materials in order to produce items that look professionally made. Screen printing materials include items such as screen printing ink, screens and squeegees, to name a few. At Printa Systems, we provide starter kits with our screen printing systems, the 770 series, which contain enough screen printing materials for you to complete your first job.

Unlike other printing systems in the screen printing industry, the 770 series screen printing systems are self-contained and include features that make them ideal equipment with which to start a business. The deluxe-plus package contains a jacket hold down, conveyor dryer and a back-lit washout sink. while the deluxe package comes with a flash dryer and an athletic numbering system. All three systems, standard system included, have onboard drying units, exposure units and pin registration systems. Each includes four workstations and four screens (upgradeable to six).

Equip Your Business with Screen Printing Materials from Printa Systems

With such self-contained systems as those in the 770 series, a new screen printing business entrepreneur can run the business without the need of additional equipment. However, if additional equipment is needed, Printa Systems manufactures dye sublimation systems, pad printing systems, conveyor dryers and the materials you need to run your business. Every system has a warranty.

If you are interested in starting a screen printing business but are not sure how, we have a business opportunity that simplifies the process. In addition to our technologically advanced systems, we offer free training and a Marketing Solution Package for entrepreneurs. Call now for more information and a free information package.