Screen Printing Machine Starter Kits

Screen Printing Machine Starter Kits

Screen printing machine starter kits usually include the supplies you will need to complete your first job. This is very useful, especially if you are new to the business and need some practice before you actually start taking orders. At Printa Systems, we include starter kits with every screen printing machine we sell.

Our screen printing machine starter kits are unique, because not only do they include the supplies, video and manual for the system you have purchased, but they also give you access to unlimited technical support and an invitation to a free training session at our Kirkland, Washington office. This hands-on training workshop is designed to teach you about operating a screen printing business, show you how to set up your equipment and illustrate how to use it to create attractive designs that your customers will appreciate.

Start Production with the Screen Printing Machine Starter Kits Included with the 770 Series Printing Systems

The 770 series includes a starter kit, in addition to such unique features as an on-board exposure with a pin alignment system. Select a package in the 770 series systems to suit your printing needs. The standard, deluxe and deluxe plus packages include additional features to further simplify the screen printing process.

After purchasing your screen printing system and taking a training session, you may be ready for the Marketing Solution Package. Together, all three create a business opportunity that is easy for anyone who is new to the screen printing industry. The Marketing Solution Package contains everything that a new entrepreneur needs to look professional, advertise the business and attract clients. Call us now for more information.