Screen Printing Instructions

Screen Printing Instructions

Screen printing is relatively easy to learn, especially when you have screen printing instructions that are straightforward. You will need to have some knowledge of screen printing and some practical experience in order to produce professional-grade jobs via a screen printing business. You can get screen printing instructions from a book, articles or online, or you can attend a training class. At Printa Systems, we offer free screen printing training classes every month.

You will find that our printing systems are easy to set up and use, even if you have little experience with screen printing. Our printing systems also include manuals with instructions that you can follow easily. However, if you need live demonstrations, hands-on practice and a live instructor, then you can sign up for the free training session at our facilities in Kirkland, Washington.

Screen Printing Instructions and Free Customer Support

Screen printing is not a complicated process and is actually fun to learn. Our instructors will show you how to use your equipment, how to create professional-looking graphics and how to utilize the different screen printing techniques available. At the end of this class, you will leave with enough confidence to begin seeking customers.

When you purchase our screen printing equipment, you will receive an invitation to attend one of our free training sessions. These sessions are held twice a month and are limited to 20 people. You can bring a guest for free also, but we recommend that you register as soon as possible because classes fill up quickly.