Screen Printing Ink

Screen Printing Ink

Screen printing involves passing screen printing ink through a mesh screen onto a surface. This process can be done manually or automatically with the use of screen printing machines. The manual process takes a lot of time, limits the colors the artist can use and the number of items that can be produced per hour. With printing systems like the 770 series by Printa Systems, the printing process is much faster and it allows the use of more screen printing ink colors.

Complicated designs will require the application of inks of different colors. The colors are applied one at a time, and each one has to dry completely before the next color ink can be applied. The 770 series has four-color screens, upgradeable to six colors, which make it possible to use more colors and simplify the ink application process.

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After each job, you will need to carefully remove the remaining ink from your screen to use in your next project and clean the screen. There are special emulsifiers for the screens that will thoroughly remove all the ink. You can find products like these, including those recommended for our 770 series screen printing systems, at our online store.

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