Screen Printing How To

Screen Printing How To

When you work with Printa Systems, you can take a screen printing how to class to learn how to use the various printing equipment you will need for your business. Items like t-shirts, tote bags and aprons will need a silk screen printer system, like any in our 770 series, while items like mugs will need a dye sublimation system, like our heat presses. You will also need dryers to cure your prints.

It is possible to learn how to operate these machines and various aspects of a screen printing business from a book or from articles on the Internet, but learning about a business this way is likely to leave you with some questions. At Printa Systems, we offer hands-on training sessions to customers that are designed to build their confidence and get them started in their businesses right away. Our skilled instructors will teach you how to set up and use your screen printing equipment.

We Offer Screen Printing How to Sessions at Printa Systems

In our screen printing how to sessions, you will learn how to operate your screen printing equipment quickly and efficiently. You will also learn how to create the best graphics for your customers and how to use different screen printing techniques. The class size is limited to 20 participants, for the ultimate learning experience.

You can attend a training session at our Kirkland, Washington office, and these are held twice a month. The classes are free to our customers and you can also bring a guest for free. Sign up for a training session now on our website.