Screen Printing Flash Dryer

Screen Printing Flash Dryer

A screen printing flash dryer is an alternative to a conveyor dryer when you need spot drying or a backup dryer. Screen printing flash dryers are more often used by small screen printing businesses just starting out, but there are much larger flash dryers too that are used in larger screen printing companies. Flash dryers are convenient in a pinch, but conveyor dryers, like those offered by Printa Systems, can cure a variety of items at the appropriate temperature.

A screen printing flash dryer usually consists of a flash attached to a stand that is on coasters. It uses about 1,600 watts of power, and you can control the temperature by adjusting the height of the flash. Conveyor dryers, on the other hand, have different types of heat sources and features that enable you to control the temperature of the heat as well as the speed of the conveyor belt.

Purchase Your Screen Printing Flash Dryer or Conveyor Dryer from Printa Systems

Get a complete system that includes a flash dryer when you purchase the 770 series deluxe screen printing system. We also have four types of conveyor dryers from which to choose. Select a convection dryer for even heat distribution without burning when curing your prints. Choose the multi-heat dryer, the Omni-Cure, when you want to cure your prints quickly.

In addition to evaluating the heating method, you should choose a dryer based on the height of the items you will be curing. The Omni-Cure has an opening big enough for articles up to 19 inches tall. Compare features of the 770 series, 880 series, 990 series and Omni-Cure dryers to decide on the best one for you.