Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturers

Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturers

Printa Systems is a leader among screen printing manufacturers. We built our revolutionary screen printing equipment to address the needs of the small business entrepreneur. When we decided to focus on small businesses, other manufacturers were focusing on the larger companies, creating equipment that would only produce large quantities of items. This made access to the screen printing industry prohibitive to smaller entrepreneurs who wanted to run the businesses out of their homes.

Unlike equipment produced by other manufacturers, our silk screen printers are very user friendly, which will make it easy for you to get your business started right away. These machines have lifetime warranties that you can use to replace or repair any frame defect and parts for as long as the equipment remains with you, the original owner. You will also have constant access to our technical support team.

Take a Free Training Course from a Leader amongst Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturers

As a bonus, participate in one of our free training sessions, which we offer to customers. At these one- and two-day workshops, you will have hands-on training with our expert instructors. You will learn, amongst other things, how to use your new equipment to its fullest potential, how to create graphics with the most appeal and other best-market practices.

One thing that separates Printa Systems from other manufacturers is the unique business opportunity we are offering to people who are interested in silk screen printing. Combine the equipment you need with our Marketing Solution Package, and you will have a business ready to accept orders and attract customers. Call our friendly sales staff to get started today.