Screen Printing Equipment For Sale

Screen Printing Equipment For Sale

You can find screen printing equipment for sale in the classified section of almost any newspaper you look at, but you will have to be cautious when purchasing used equipment. Amongst the things you will need to know about the equipment you are considering are price, the age of the equipment, performance, the type of products it can imprint, how many previous owners there are and the availability of manufacturer warranties. When you purchase screen printing equipment from Printa Systems, you know you are purchasing high-quality machines.

You will also need to take into account how you will use the screen printing equipment and how much space you have for it. When purchasing screen printing equipment for sale, it is usually difficult to find a machine that meets all of your needs, and this results in you having to settle for what you can find. If price and space are your motivators, then consider our printing systems, which will give you exactly what you need and more.

Compare Printing Systems at Printa Systems to Screen Printing Equipment for Sale

Our 770 silk screen printing systems are priced very competitively and they are compact enough to fit in a space that measures 50 feet by 50 feet. The printing systems in the series--standard, deluxe and deluxe plus--are designed to simplify the printing process. They include such unique features as onboard drying cabinets, four-color screens, exposure units and pin registrations.

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