Screen Printing Dryers

Screen Printing Dryers

Screen printing dryers help you to set your designs quickly. The traditional method of drying screen-printed work is to let them dry naturally. However, this method takes some time and the artist typically has to wait for the item to dry before working on the next item. Now, with dryers like our 770 I/C, 880 I/C, 990 C and Omni Cure, drying time is much shorter and production is much faster. These dryers pass the imprinted item on a conveyor belt under a heat source.

When looking for a dryer, be sure to look for:

  • A screen printing dryer 
  • A dryer with a heat source that features infrared heat, convection heat or infrared with convection heat
  • A dryer with the three types of heat source for faster drying

Make Your Selection from the Screen Printing Dryers We Offer at Printa Systems

The 990 C dryer evenly distributes heats with a convection heating system. For faster curing, you may prefer the 770 series I/C or the 880 series I/C, both of which use infrared and convection heating systems. However, if you want to dry a variety of products in record time, then our Omni Cure dryer, which uses all three heating methods, may be the best dryer for you.

You will find that our technologically advanced screen printing dryers are very affordable and offered below the suggested retail price. Instructions on how to use the dryers are included and easy to follow. We also offer hands-on training, if needed, and lifetime support. Compare the features of our dryers and talk to a sales representative to find out which one is right for your business.