Screen Printing Business

Screen Printing Business

A screen printing business usually focuses on applying graphic designs to a variety of items. Screen printing is commonly used on wearables like t-shirts, jackets and baseball caps. At Printa Systems, we can show you how to do this with our printing systems.

If you are thinking about starting a screen printing business, you will be pleased to know that it is possible to make a considerable income. Imagine that you receive a 100-count order for t-shirts per week, for which you charge $10 per shirt. The resulting $4,000 per month will more than cover the cost of your supplies, leaving you with a nice profit. This is a modest estimate.

Start Your Screen Printing Business Quickly with a Business Opportunity from Printa Systems

The startup cost for a screen printing business is moderate, especially if you take advantage of the business opportunity we have for you at Printa Systems. You can get your business off to a fast start when you purchase our screen printing equipment and Marketing Solution Package. Our printing systems are easy to use and you will find that the Marketing Solution Package contains everything you will need to attract customers.

You can also complete a hands-on training session with our skilled instructors, who will show you how to simplify your business. Amongst many other things, you will learn how to set up and use various printing equipment, create graphics and apply them to various items. Reserve your spot now. Call us to register for a training session.