Rotary Heat Press

Rotary Heat Press

The rotary heat press, a large machine, is used along with large printers that imprint designs on articles like curtains, banners and fabric for furniture. For this reason, a rotary heat press is best suited for operations in industrial settings. However, there are smaller heat presses that achieve the same effect and can be used by home business entrepreneurs.

Heat presses are popular because the printing process requires less preparation and you can complete small orders quickly. At Printa Systems, we offer a line of heat presses for small screen printing businesses. Our heat transfer machines in the 550 series include the Digital Swing-Away Press, the Digital Mug Press and the Digital Hat Press. Just like the rotary heat press, these machines imprint logos through dye sublimation.

Heat Presses from Printa Systems Provide the Same Functions as the Rotary Heat Press in a Smaller Package

The Digital Swing-Away Press will imprint designs evenly, regardless of the height or the type of item being heat pressed. The Digital Mug Press imprints designs on mugs, even irregularly shaped ones, that are up to five inches tall. Use the Digital Hat Press, with its interchangeable plate assembly, for hats and caps. Unlike the rotary heat press, these presses are easy to use and portable, enabling you to take them wherever you need to work.

Printa Systems offers a lifetime warranty for parts and any defects, and you will receive a free training session with every package you purchase. You can call our technical support team toll free whenever you need technical help. Call our sales representatives now for more information about our heat presses.