Plastisol Ink

Plastisol Ink

Plastisol inks are a staple of the screen printing industry because they are easy to use, work for a variety of different materials and don't dry out during the screen printing process. Plastisol inks don't dry out in the screen printing equipment because they require heat, or curing, to dry. Plastisol inks work well on textiles because fabrics are porous, and the ink embraces the textile fibers to bond with the material.

Working with plastisol inks requires following certain rules, including:

* Applying the right about of heat (290 to 330 degrees F)--too much heat can cause ink bleeds in polyester
* Properly storing the plastisol ink at below 90 degrees F to prevent curing in the container
* Selecting the proper material: plastisol ink won't work on non-porous material such as waterproof nylon without additional agents

Plastisol Curing

Proper curing is essential to working with plastisol inks, so that the ink isn't damaged when the fabric is washed. Different inks cure at different temperatures, so it's important to follow instructions and test your print before curing an entire run. Once your dryer is at the right curing temperature for your project, the ink cures in a matter of seconds.

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