Pad Printing Machinery

Pad Printing Machinery

At Printa Systems, we design, manufacture and sell high-quality pad printing machinery and supplies for home-based product printing businesses. Our machines are uniquely created to provide both pad printing and cylindrical screen printing from the same modular base. You can print text, graphics and logos on promotional products in a variety of different shapes and styles.

Our pad printing machinery is perfect for home-based operations and other businesses with space limitations because the machine so compact it fits easily on a countertop. We supply everything you need to get your machinery up and running immediately. Our pad printing system comes with a collection of pad printing supplies, including two-part epoxy ink, a training video and technical manual and the opportunity to attend a free hands-on training session at our corporate offices in Kirkland, Washington.

Features of Our Pad Printing Machinery

At Printa Systems, we've designed our pad printing systems with a number of features to help ensure maximum profitability, including:

* An automatic inking feature that makes it quick and easy to produce high-quality prints via short production times
* A large printing area to accommodate a wider variety of graphics
* Micro-adjust registration for increased machinery precision
* An easy-to-operate conversion mechanism to switch between pad and cylindrical printing

Whether you are starting a new printing business or adding to an existing business of some kind, we have the right pad printing machinery for you. From short- to medium-sized runs, you are promised quality prints every time. To learn more about our pad printing systems or to place an order, browse our website or contact us.