Pad Printing Ink

Pad Printing Ink

When you start working with pad printing systems, you will quickly learn that there are many ink options from which to choose. Pad printing ink comes in a variety of colors and formulations. Different formulations are suitable for different surfaces and require different drying and hardening processes.

At Printa Systems, we package our pad printing systems with a two-part epoxy ink that offers high durability. This versatile ink requires heat curing for drying and hardening like many pad printing ink options. We also carry several series of inks, some air dry, for a variety of substrates.

How to Buy the Right Pad Printing Ink

At Printa Systems, we offer a variety of pad printing inks in virtually every color of the rainbow in our online store. At our free training session, which comes with a purchase of any of our pad printing systems, you will learn about your choices for ink and have the opportunity to ask questions. Additionally, the training materials that come with the systems also have information on how to choose and use pad printing ink.

Our pad printing equipment features an automatic inking systems that produces high-quality results quickly. Very little ink, about 30 grams, is required to run in the auto-inking mode, and this produces hundreds of prints. For more information about our pad printing ink options or to make a purchase, browse through our website or contact us with your questions.