Mug Heat Press

Mug Heat Press

Everywhere you look there are promotional and decorative mugs on display. Printing custom mugs is a wonderful business or hobby. Whether you are making dozens of promotional mugs for a business or one-of-a-kind mugs to give out as gifts, we have the perfect mug heat press for you at Printa Systems.

Our digital mug press is designed for ease of use, featuring a dual-action spring-loaded design and an over-center mechanism that requires little force to operate. Digital controls make it easy to get an exactly timed heat cycle, so graphics are transferred perfectly. The structure of our mug heat press is designed to be lightweight, portable and heat shielding.

Using a Mug Heat Press Is Quick and Easy

Using a mug heat press doesn't require specialty training, as the process is simple enough for anyone to do immediately. The process requires three steps:

1. Print a digital image printed on the transfer paper
2. Insert a blank mug into the press with the ‘imaged’ transfer paper wrapped around it
3. Press down the press mechanism and hold for the right amount of time for heat transfer


Mug printing through heat transfer is perfect for short-run and one-off projects.

We manufacture all of our printing equipment, so we stand behind the quality and durability of our craftsmanship. All of our printing systems come with lifetime warranties, and lifetime technical support is available. For more information about our heat transfer equipment or to buy a mug heat press, heat transfer supplies or blank mugs in a variety of shapes and colors, browse through our website or contact us with questions.