Manual Screen Printing Equipment Powering Home Businesses

Manual Screen Printing Equipment

At Printa Systems, we design, manufacture and sell high-quality manual screen printing equipment as well as other product printing equipment. Our manual screen printing systems are compact enough to fit in any home while still offering professional results. For a home-based screen printing business, manual equipment is the only choice.

When you buy screen printing equipment from us, we provide you with a free training session at our Seattle-area corporate offices. Our training sessions are hands on, so that you can learn the technical skills required to properly operate our equipment. You'll gain the confidence you need to start and run your own screen printing business from your home.

Operating Manual Screen Printing Equipment from Printa Systems

We've designed our screen printing equipment to serve the needs of the home user when it comes to ease, speed and size. Our screen printing systems are easy to use, requiring the following process:

1. Expose the screens to the graphic
2. Set up the manual printing equipment by inserting the screen registration pins
3. Manually print the job by lowering the screen onto the textile
4. Cure the print with the onboard dryer

Once you learn the quick and easy process for making manual screen prints, you will be able to produce high-quality results consistently in very little time. We purposefully design our equipment to be as easy as possible to use so that anyone can do it. For more information about our manual screen printing equipment, to purchase a screen printing system or to sign up for training, contact us today.