Heat Transfer Systems

Heat Transfer Systems

Printa Systems offers a variety of turnkey businesses that can help make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. If freedom and profitability are part of your goals, think about the opportunities you can take advantage of with a promotional products printing business right out of your basement or garage.

When choosing heat transfer systems for your new business, consider your business goals and needs. If you are like most of our customers, you want a business that can make you money right away without a lot of capital investment. The size of press you choose will affect the types and thickness of products that you can print on. We offer a variety of systems from basic to advanced, so you can enter the industry with a specialized focus and add to your products as your business grows.

Printa Systems Turnkey Business Opportunity: Low Investment Capital and Little Space

With very little investment and physical space, you can get started with Printa's heat transfer systems. Our digital mug press will easily print up to 5-inch tall bleeds, even on inconsistent mugs. Our digital swing-away press has a smooth lever action that provides even pressure and a shorter pull length to give you better efficiency, and won't wear you out physically. The Printa Systems digital hat press has an interchangeable platen assembly so you can print on a variety of hats and caps, offering more choices to your customers.

Our modular units offer enormous pressing force without a lot of effort, and heating elements that heat evenly. Time and temperature controls are digital, giving you accurate results every time. If you are interested in portability, our machines are made of durable, yet lightweight cast aluminum. Whether you know exactly where your business is going or have no idea what it might become, contact Printa Systems today to discuss the solution that will work for you.