Heat Transfer Suppliers

Heat Transfer Suppliers

When getting into textile printing, it is especially important to have good heat transfer suppliers at your disposal. With any textile printing business, there will be both ongoing investments, as well as a cost for consumables. However, heat transfer is much less costly to start a business in, and with good suppliers around you will have no trouble replacing your inks, papers, pads and other supplies easily and cost-effectively.

Printa Systems is your one-stop shop for all of the supplies you need. With manufacturer training and ongoing support, we are all you need to start your business and help it grow.

Get Quality Equipment and Replacement Supplies from One Online Source

If you are still deciding whether to begin your business in screen-printing or heat transfer, Printa Systems can help you compare the two. Screen-printing production will cost less for large runs, while heat transfer can be much more profitable for small runs. Also, consider the volume you'll be doing daily. With screen-printing, you can only lay one color at a time. Heat transfer allows you to do multiple colors at once.

Using quality inks and paper for heat transfer is smart when you want to get repeat business from your customers. With better quality supplies, you'll produce better prints. At Printa Systems we can be your equipment manufacturer, as well as your main supplier. With ongoing support, as well as training and a variety of equipment and supplies available in our online store, you'll never be alone in your promotional textile printing business.