Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing is quick and allows you to print a very profitable short run and even print one of a kind items. It is an extremely popular printing solution allowing you to print many types of fabric items with no liquid byproducts. It is clean and environmentally safe.

Printa Systems' heat transfer printing equipment allows you to print a wide range of objects. Our lower end 550 Series Pro I model offers versatility in printing tiles, mouse pads and fabric, such as t-shirts and bags. Our higher end Series Pro II and III models offer you the ability to print tiles, mouse pads, bags and other flat items, as well as mugs.

Sublimation Printing Using Heat Transfer

Heat transfer printing utilizes dye sublimation printing, which allows inks to adhere to synthetic fabrics such as polyester. The heat transfer process is patented and uses special inks or toners to dye surfaces that are coated with polymers. All you need to do is print your artwork with the inks onto paper and use the transfer machine to transfer the artwork onto the surface to be dyed.

Instead of an image that will crack, peel or fade with time, the heat transfer inks create an image that lasts for years. If you are interested in learning more about a business opportunity to create heat transfers, please contact Printa Systems today.