Heat Transfer Printers

Heat Transfer Printers

At Printa Systems, we offer a number of modular systems, including our 550 Series of three heat transfer presses. One module that comes with the system is a digital swing-away heat transfer printer. With swing away machines the upper heat platen swings away from the lower platen, giving you easy access to the lower platen when you put heat transfers, lettering, numbers or other graphics on a garment. 

If you plan to decorate t-shirts, awards or other 3-D substrates, a swing away heat transfer printer is usually a better choice than a clamshell machine, which opens top to bottom. Another advantage to the swing away heat transfer printer is that it exposes the user to less heat and steam, therefore reducing the risk of burns to the hands. This makes it a safer and more comfortable type of press to work with.

Bringing Your Dreams to Life

If you plan to start a decorating business using heat transfer printers, there are several things that you will require, and Printa provides them all:
• A business image your buyers can trust
• Marketing tools to help you promote yourself
• A variety of imprintable products that your customers will want
• Quality machines and hands-on training that will teach you to print and also how to run your business

Turn to Printa not only for machines and supplies, but also for a business opportunity that will set your entrepreneurial dreams free.

We are happy to discuss our business opportunity with you and help you understand your options when it comes to buying heat transfer printers. It is so easy to get started with an at-home business without a lot of investment capital. Please contact us today with any questions or to discuss your business needs.