Heat Transfer Presses

Heat Transfer Presses

People getting into this business often ask us why you would print a design onto transfer paper instead of screen printing it directly on to a t-shirt or other apparel. Sure, you could easily screen-print a design directly onto a shirt or other textile. However, heat transfer presses allow you to be flexible with your inventory and print small runs cheaply without keeping a lot of finished garments in stock. 

The heat transfer presses that Printa Systems offers make it possible for the average couple to begin a decorating business right from their own home and turn a profit relatively quickly. Our presses are not only compact and lightweight, but they are also durable, affordable and versatile.

Versatility and Value

With Printa Systems, you definitely get value for your money, whether you're beginning or expanding your business. With today's digital heat transfer presses, you could take orders for small runs, even individual items, and still make a hefty profit. With screen printing, small runs of one or two pieces are just not cost effective, but heat transfer presses also allow you to print one or more garments at a time, on demand. For example, if you are a retailer, with a heat press you don't have to keep hundreds of pre-printed items in stock. Instead, you can print a t-shirt in whatever size or color the customer happens to want at that time.

Whether you want to offer one-color designs or full color, in small or bulk runs, choose a Printa Systems press. For over 20 years we have been helping startups get into the apparel decorating industry. With ongoing support and training from Printa Systems, you will be in business for yourself but you will never feel alone.