Heat Transfer Manufacturers

Heat Transfer Manufacturers

As with any type of equipment, you will find heat transfer manufacturers that make an assortment of different kinds of heat transfer machines of varying quality, price, and results. Printa Systems is one company that offers professional equipment with reliable results at an affordable price. We are a manufacturer and supplier of heat transfer and dye sublimation printers, as well as screen printers, inks, transfer papers, blank imprintables and dryers.

When choosing a manufacturer, look for a company that has machines of the quality you are looking for at the price you want to pay. Remember that some companies, like Printa, also offer training on the equipment. At Printa, once you become our customer, you have access to free training plus technical support for life. So even if you are new to the industry, the learning curve won't prevent you from entering it. You'll have all the supplies you need, as well as the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your business.

Heat Transfer Manufacturers and Independent Business

You might also be tempted to go with a heat transfer manufacturer that offers a franchise opportunity. Consider this carefully. With a franchise, you'll have to pay a high price just to get started, and then royalties on everything you sell plus franchise fees. You'll also have to follow the company's rules for how you can advertise and market your business.

Printa is one heat transfer manufacturer that will provide equipment and train you, but is not a franchise. Our systems are designed to be complete turnkey business opportunities that you run yourself, operating them however you want. There are no royalty fees or franchise fees, the cost for our equipment and supplies is affordable, and the training is free. We encourage you to do your research before you select a manufacturer, then call Printa when you are ready to purchase equipment and the business opportunity of a lifetime.