Heat Press Equipment

Heat Press Equipment

As you research your options in heat press equipment, you will notice that not all the equipment is made the same. Some presses are outrageously costly, yet don't provide much advantage over lower-priced presses. Others are bulky and heavy and require a large amount of space to operate.

At Printa Systems, we offer high-quality professional heat press equipment, supplies and dryers that are designed with the small business owner in mind. You don't need a huge factory to store or operate our equipment and it's affordable enough that you can enter the business without a large capital investment, and make profits quickly.

Modular Equipment or a Heat Press System

Our modular designs are patent pending and give tremendous pressing force without a lot of effort, making the equipment ideal for operators who don't have full use of their hands. With edge-optimized heating elements, you get even heating and quick recovery. To further reduce fatigue, you can order them with an optional air release to lift automatically when the pressing cycle is done.

No matter what heat press equipment you ultimately choose, remember that Printa Systems also offers a true business opportunity. You can be in business for yourself and receive benefits like customer support and a marketing package, without any of the negatives associated with franchises. We understand that this is your business, not ours, yet we will do all we can to help you succeed.