Fabric Printing Machine

Fabric Printing Machine

There is more than one type of fabric printing machine to print promotional t-shirts, jackets and hats on. One example is a silkscreen printer, which is primarily used for large runs of cotton t-shirts. Others include dye sublimation printers and heat transfer machines that use different technologies to print on t shirts, caps, sweatshirts and other fabrics.

Printa Systems sells an array of fabric printing machines to meet your needs, whether you are just beginning your business or looking to expand. The promotional products business is profitable, has a large marketplace, and allows you to work full time or part time to achieve your goals. Over the past decade, we have helped set up hundreds of other businesses and given them the tools to succeed.

Own Your Fabric Printing Machines and Your Business

Printa Systems does not sell franchises. You will own your own business with no royalties to pay, no advertising fees and no software licenses to buy from us. While franchises charge enormous amounts of money to get started, at Printa Systems we provide everything you need for your business at a fraction of the cost of a franchise.

What's important is that you can get everything you need from Printa. We supply the fabric printing machines, the business training and the marketing support you need, as well as the inspired confidence that it takes to be successful.