Dye Sublimation Technology

Dye Sublimation Technology

Dye sublimation technology is ideal for printing photo-realistic images onto t-shirts, bags, caps, mugs sweatshirts and other items. The feel of the finished garment is as soft as if there were no image there because the ink becomes part of the material you print on. It is also ideal for producing highly customized designs and doing individual or low-quantity orders because they will still be highly profitable.

Printa Systems offers inkjet printers and heat presses that use dye sublimation technology. Our 550 System of heat presses are economical and compact enough that you can create a home-based or portable business using them. The systems also come with the high-quality inkjet printers and software you need to create original designs or print your customers' artwork onto special transfer paper using the dye sublimation inks.

Dye Sublimation Technology Printers and Heat Presses from Printa

When you purchase equipment from Printa, you'll never be alone in your business. We are always a phone call away providing you with customer support, technical support and even free training in topics ranging from how to use the presses to how to market your business.

As long as you plan to print on garments that are at least 65% polyester or on substrates that accept dye sublimation inks, you'll be able to create rich, 4-color process graphics on those materials. You could start a business creating photo mugs or photo t-shirts, and later expand it to include other technologies and items. The possibilities are endless, so use your creativity and find the freedom you always wanted in your own home business with Printa Systems.