Dye Sublimation Supplies

Dye Sublimation Supplies

Dye sublimation offers the highest quality print on textiles, leaving a design on the textile that won't crack, peel or fade, and holds up to repeated laundering. It is ideal when you want a photo-realistic print at a reasonable price. To get your dye-sub business up and running and to keep it going, you will need certain supplies for your system.

Printa Systems offers many different supplies for dye sublimation printing. Our heat transfer systems come with everything you need to get started, including heat tape, Hanes SublimationMaker 2.0 software, unlimited toll-free technical support, and an Epson inkjet printer with the Sawgrass Quick Connect Sublijet IQ Ink System. When you are ready to refill your inks or get new substrates to print on, we supply those too.

Printa's Online Supplies for Dye Sublimation

Printa Systems is your one-stop shop for your garment decorating or promotional products business. Basic supplies you need for dye sublimation include:

• Printer and software
• Sublimation Inks
• Transfer paper
• Heat Press
• Sublimation blanks such as t-shirts, mousepads, mugs and tiles.

You will find all of these and more at Printa's online store, separately or as a package.

With dye sublimation supplies from Printa, you can print proofs for your customers right on the t-shirts or other substrates. This way they can sample exactly what the job will look like when it gets printed. It is yet another advantage of dye sublimation printing that you can use to attract customers and keep them returning. Please visit our online store today to see the extensive amount of supplies you can get through Printa Systems.