Dye Sublimation Products

Dye Sublimation Products

The look and feel of dye sublimation products is much more professional than vinyl or other plastic-type graphics. The nature of dye sublimation is that under intense heat and pressure, the inks that make up the design actually become part of the printed item itself. That is why if you run your fingers over a dye sublimation product, the design doesn't feel any different than the rest of the item.

Printa Systems offers a variety of dye sublimation products to print on. In fact, there are so many different dye sublimation products that you only need a few simple machines to get started. Once you have the equipment, you can print on as many kinds of items as you want to offer to your customers.

Price, Design and Quality in Dye Sublimation Products

Most dye sublimation products are white. This is because the inks are actually transparent and need the white background to show up. White allows for an array of bright colors on different materials. Dye sublimation is cost effective for short or long runs and there is no difference in cost whether you print one or multiple items in a design. This is a highly competitive advantage to offer your customers in terms of price, design and quality.

Dye sublimation products must be made of polyester or coated with a polymer in order to work with the inks. However, with the multitude of products from aprons to coasters, ceramic tiles and plates, you are hardly limited in what you can create. Please contact Printa Systems today to learn more about how you can get started in dye sublimation printing.