Dye Sublimation Paper

Dye Sublimation Paper

When you purchase a dye sublimation printing system, don't forget the paper. The quality of the paper you use is just as important as the heat press and dyes, yet many people skip over this until the last minute. For commercial-grade prints on professional equipment, you need commercial-grade dye sublimation paper.

At Printa Systems, we offer a supply of transfer paper that works well with our machines. Our online store carries many products you need to start and run your business, such as:
• Printers
• Sublimation Ink
• Sublimation blanks
• Paper

You can shop wherever you want, but know that the products we carry are compatible with each other and designed to work together.

The Difference Between Home and Commercial Dye Sublimation Paper

Dye sublimation paper used in the printing industry has a similar purpose as the home crafting type of transfer paper, but it is not the same. The temperatures and pressures you work with when you print promotional products are much higher than you get at home with inkjet inks and your iron. Likewise, the paper you use has to be of a higher quality to withstand intense heat and pressure.

Paper can also affect the results of your product. It can lead to inaccurate colors, slow your production and even cause you to use more dye than needed. Feel free to browse our online store to see all that we have to offer including presses, inks and other supplies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.