DIY T-Shirt Printing

DIY T-Shirt Printing

If you are looking for a new creative outlet, why not try DIY t-shirt printing? Just about everyone wears t-shirts and if you're into DIY you can make them for friends and family and have the satisfaction of creating something unique for each of them. With Printa Systems, you have several choices for equipment to do this.

One popular technology for DIY t-shirt printing is screen-printing. Our 770 Series can handle up to six colors. Another option is to design your artwork using software, then print your own transfers with an inkjet printer. You can then use the Printa 550 Series heat transfer press to transfer the design to your shirt.

DIY T-Shirt Printing for Fun or Profit

You can turn your hobby into a full or part-time business and earn back your investment pretty quickly. For example, you might sell t-shirts at a flea market on the weekends. Our heat transfer presses are portable, while our screen-printing machines only require 50 square feet to operate--just use your garage as a workshop.

T-shirts make great birthday and holiday gifts and giveaways. Take on the t-shirt printing needs of your local nonprofit fundraisers such as walk-a-thons, or give them away as favors at your children’s birthday parties. No matter what you plan to do with them, they are a fun way to express your creativity. Contact Printa Systems today to purchase DIY t-shirt printing equipment.