DIY Screen Printing

DIY Screen Printing

Screen printing has been around for centuries and today it's still a popular way to create DIY projects. While serious hobbyists have built their own screens to use, you will get much better looking, and more professional results with a screen printer from Printa Systems. Whether you DIY for fun or to earn money, our presses are affordable and don't require much space to be operated.

Screen printing involves the use of a mesh screen (these used to be made of silk) that is masked out with a design. A squeegee squeezes ink through the open parts of the design onto the fabric (or other medium) below. While screen printing is primarily used for large runs of t-shirts and other textiles, you can also use it to do smaller runs.

Useful Equipment for DIY Projects with Professional Results

If you like DIY projects, you will get a lot of use out of a screen printer. Printa Systems carries the 770 Series, which keeps things simple by combining a whole printing system in one machine. It has an onboard curing unit, a built-in drying cabinet and an exposure unit that also doubles as a light table. Pin-aligned screens dramatically reduce setup time so you can get your DIY screen printing project started in no time.

For people looking to start a screen printing business or add to their existing businesses, we also offer customized packages. You can create a package with other equipment from our catalog, too. Let us know what your needs are and we can design a package just for you.