Commercial Printing Machines

Commercial Printing Machines

Commercial printing machines can make all the difference between success and failure in your business, especially if you want to print messages on many different items instead of just one or two types. The 990 Series from Printa offers you value and durability along with flexibility. For example, its patented automatic inking systems ensures consistent results and gives you a high rate of production. It easily converts from a pad to a cylindrical printer so you can profit from two technologies on one machine, saving you time, money and space.

The 990 Series commercial pad printing system offers options you won't find on other commercial printing machines. For example, the 990 Series CC is a Convection Curing Oven with a temperature range of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, a high temperature special coated conveyor belt and an air circulation rate of 900 cubic feet per minute. You can also order a cabinet stand for your system with shelves, flat attachment and a two-color inking system that will allow you to expand your capabilities by printing two-color images quickly.

Precision Printing with Printa Commercial Machines

The 990 Series offers precision printing every time. Its large printable area is the largest in its class. Yet the machine is compact, enabling you to work off a countertop. What could be better than a business you can run right from your home?

The cylindrical screen printer features prints up to 360 degrees, a patented pop-out screen panel system, and automatic uniform squeegee pressure.. If you would like to know more about this commercial endeavor, please call us toll free or contact us through our live online help system.