Commercial Heat Press

Commercial Heat Press

If you are looking for a commercial heat press to print on garments using dye sublimation, inkjet transfer or directly to the garment, you can't go wrong with the Printa 550 Series Tunnel heat press. Completely unique, it has a platen that slides in and out of a tunnel to protect you at all times from the press' high temperatures. There is also less physical motion required, making it ideal for those who lack the physical strength or mobility required with other presses.

The Tunnel commercial heat press also takes up much less space than other swing-away presses. So if you are looking to operate a promotional products business from your home or a small office, the Tunnel will easily allow you to do that and save overhead. It is also lightweight, weighing less than 60 pounds, making it completely portable. Take it to trade shows, stores, or to your athletic team to print names and numbers on uniforms and other sports apparel.

The Tunnel Commercial Heat Press is Not Just for T-Shirts

Printa System's 550 Tunnel commercial heat press lets you print on items up to an inch thick. In addition to t-shirts and other garments (using dye sublimation, inkjet transfer or directly to the garment), you can also print plaques, bag tags, clipboards, mouse pads, coasters and other promotional products, offering a variety of alternatives to your customers.

To use the Printa Tunnel commercial heat press, you simply set the pressure, heat and temperature then load a shirt or other product onto the platen. Push it into the press and activate the heat by pulling on the handle. When the shirt is ready, a timer will signal and you just release the handle and pull out the product, never having to worry about getting burned. For more information on the Tunnel or any of Printa's other heat presses, please contact us today.