Cap Heat Press

Cap Heat Press

Using a cap heat press couldn't be easier. You simply adjust the time, temperature and pressure, slide a cap onto the printer's platen, position the transfer onto the cap and pull down the handle until it locks. When the cap is ready, lift the pressing head. Then voila! You have a custom-imprinted hat or cap.

The Printa Systems 550 series Pro-III system digital cap heat press allows you to print on a wide variety of hats and caps. It comes with the 550 series digital swing-away press with auto release and the 550 series digital mug press. It also includes an Epson 1400 printer with Sawgrass Quick Connect SubliJet IQ Ink System, sublimation transfer paper, a protective release sheet, 75 yards of heat tape, a sublimation support package and Hanes SublimationMaker 2.0 software.

Included With the Heat Press

With the technical manual, unlimited toll-free tech support and the Pro-III blank product sample pack, you can create an array of cap designs using the cap heat press. Use them as samples or simply to practice your newfound creativity and get used to working with the press. You can also use them to decorate your storefront or pass them out to your friends and family to advertise your new business.

At Printa Systems, you will also receive hands-on factory training on the equipment, as well as an exclusive lifetime warranty on your presses. You won't find a better deal elsewhere in the industry, so contact us today to get started on your new promotional caps business.