Business Support Services

Business Support Services

Among the most important things a new business needs are business support services. Particularly if this is your first entrepreneurial adventure, you won't want to be alone while you struggle to build a business without any knowledge. That's why at Printa Systems, we don't just sell printing systems and walk away--we provide ongoing training and support to our clients.

Think about the last time you bought something. Did the company provide you with training on how to use it? Did your sales rep teach you how to reach clients and give you tools to build your own website? Chances are that once they took your money, their relationship with you was over.

Support Services Unlike Any Other

Printa Systems offers several different types of promotional products printing presses along with the inks and other supplies needed to run them. In addition, we offer training classes at our corporate headquarters in Kirkland, Washington, twice a month, giving you various business support services. To help you market your business, we offer an optional business marketing package complete with templates for brochures, business cards and a website, so you can begin with a professional image.

Promotional products help customers get their businesses recognized by their target community. To sell promotional products, you'll need to project the right image to your prospects. When you partner with Printa, you will get quality equipment, ongoing support services and customer service without the limits that you would get if you had purchased a franchise instead.