Business Marketing Training

Business Marketing Training

At Printa Systems, our mission is your success. That means that if you aren’t successful, neither are we! We stand behind our promises by offering you not just the printing equipment you need to build your business, but also the factory training and tools you need to help you succeed.

Twice a month at our Kirkland, Washington offices, we offer business marketing and other training for our clients. The topics include:

* Systems, supplies and applications
* Blank sourcing options
* Equipment setup
* Exposing artwork
* Preparing screens or plates

Business Marketing Training from Printa Systems

You can also take advantage of our marketing package whenever you get a Printa System. For less than $2,500, you will get templates for important marketing literature for your business, such as letterhead, brochures and a website. We created this package to give you a competitive edge once you are ready to set up your promotional products business. The package will not only save you time and money, but it will help you earn money as well.

You get to choose from 25 website templates, so you can give your business a professional image right away. In addition, you will get a company store builder that allows you to add products to your site the same day. Your design studio allows your customers to put their artwork on any product in your website store, and the custom sales presentations allow you to add your customers logo to customized sales presentations you give them. Please contact us today to discuss adding business marketing and training to your Printa System.