Affordable Home Business

Affordable Home Business

If you are interested in an affordable home business that will turn profits as it keeps you feeling creative, promotional products is one way to go. Nearly every type of company, from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations, benefits from adding promotional items to their marketing mix. You can own a piece of this $18 billion dollar a year industry for a fraction of what it costs to purchase a franchise. 

At Printa Systems, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs get equipment for their affordable home businesses. From screen-printing, pad, cylindrical and dye sublimation equipment to curing ovens, inks and other supplies, we are a one-stop shop. We also offer free training at our Kirland, WA headquarters and an add-on marketing support package to give you a professional image right from the start.

Buying Your Affordable Home Business

Let's face it--there are not a whole lot of affordable home businesses that are legitimate opportunities. With Printa Systems, you'll begin with high quality, equipment that comes with a lifetime warranty. We even offer leasing options through Paramount Financial Services or you can purchase it with Visa, MasterCard, American Express. We offer net 30 terms to institutions on a case-by-case basis.

Working for yourself has numerous advantages like unlimited earning potential and flexible hours, plus the joy of being your own boss. Working at home with an affordable home business has even more benefits--such as staying home with the kids and working in your sweats. Contact Printa Systems today.